Hydrometer for Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration Measurement

Specific gravity measurement is one of the most common and fastest concentration determination methods for hydrogen peroxide solution. This is the most simple measurement method. Specific gravity is stated without any measurement unit.

To measure hydrogen peroxide specific gravity we usually use hydrometer. Hydrometer shows direct result instantly.

Hydrometer selection is made based on hydrogen peroxide concentration to be measured. In the market, common hydrometer measurement range available are 1.120~1.180 and 1.180~1.240. They are used for hydrogen peroxide concentration range from about 25 to 35wt% and 35 to 60wt%. Please specify clearly your requirement before purchasing any hydrometer.

A table that relates specific gravity of hydrogen peroxide, its concentration and temperature should also be available. Provide one copy in your laboratory for your reference. You can download that table here.

Don’t forget to provide a measuring cylinder (capacity 200 ml) and thermometer.

To make sure the hydrometer is always in good condition and to ensure correct measurement, make a calibration schedule. If you are not sure on how long the calibration period, contact the hydrometer manufacturer or vendor. Keep the calibration record and certificate.

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