Stabilizers for Hydrogen Peroxide

During manufacturing, stabilizers are added into hydrogen peroxide solution in order to maintain its stability. Stabilized hydrogen peroxide is commercially required to guarantee hydrogen peroxide concentration is stable since delivered until received and used by users.

Instead of adding single stabilizer, a mixture of stabilizers is usually used. It is because contaminants dissolved or suspended in hydrogen peroxide solution come with unknown characteristics.

Stabilizers for hydrogen peroxide can be organic or inorganic substances. Each hydrogen peroxide manufacturer may have its own stabilizer formula. This produces hydrogen peroxide with different quality, mainly in its stability, evaporation residue, free mineral acid, pH and acidity.

Common stabilizers used for hydrogen peroxide are sodium stannate, 8-hydroxyquinoline and sodium pyrophosphate. Besides, these substances certain acid is also usually added to adjust pH of hydrogen peroxide solution because certain stabilizer causes increasing of pH of hydrogen peroxide solution, which in turn could increase its decomposition rate.

As a user, you are suggested not to add stabilizers into the hydrogen peroxide that you have purchased by yourself. It is manufacturer responsibility and just asks them if you would like to purchase more stabilized hydrogen peroxide.