Hydrogen Peroxide for Soil Decontamination

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Japan (MGC), a leading hydrogen peroxide producer in the world, has developed a new environmental-hydrogen peroxide application technology, i.e. for soil decontamination.

The technology is called by “Mild Fenton Treatment-Jet Blend Method”. MGC has developed a biodegradable catalyst that enables hydrogen peroxide to be used for soil decontamination in a wider pH range, from acid to mildly alkaline. Jet blend method is developed by Kajima Corporation.

In the Fenton treatment, hydrogen peroxide reacts with the catalyst resulting hydroxyl radical, a kind of active enzyme. Soil contaminants such as volatile organic compound (VOC), heavy metal and agricultural chemicals, will be decomposed by the oxidative power of hydroxyl ions.

By using jet blend method, the cleaning agent, hydrogen peroxide, can be injected to the targeted soil layer. So that soil decontamination process will be effective.