What We Should Do When Hydrogen Peroxide Tank is Getting Hot

One of our hydrogen peroxide customers called us because its hydrogen peroxide tank was getting hot. The hydrogen peroxide temperature inside the tank was 68oC. They don’t know what was happening.

Hydrogen peroxide in that tank was decomposing and releasing heat during the decomposition reaction. Below were things that we recommended them to do at the time.

  1. Filled demineralized water or purified water into the hydrogen peroxide tank in order to de-accelerate the decomposition reaction rate and cooled the temperature down.

  2. Did not drain out hydrogen peroxide from the tank until its concentration was determined.

  3. Took sample from the tank and measured its concentration.

  4. Monitored hydrogen peroxide temperature and its concentration in tank for several hours. If hydrogen peroxide temperature was down and concentration became stable, it meant the decomposition reaction had stopped. .

  5. If hydrogen peroxide temperature would not decrease or be stable, it meant the decomposition reaction was still in progress and we should let entire hydrogen peroxide decomposed. After that the entire hydrogen peroxide changed to water and could be drained out from the tank.

It becomes very important to equipped hydrogen peroxide tank with standard safety facilities and monitoring equipments. Once they installed, it will be easier to monitor and take actions when something wrong happens.

Please read my previous article about facilities of hydrogen peroxide storage tank, before you make your tank design or improve an installed one.