Facilities of Hydrogen Peroxide Storage Tank

If you have a plan to install a storage tank for hydrogen peroxide, you should also consider installing its basic supporting facilities. Those facilities are devoted both for supporting operational activities and safety matter. At least a hydrogen peroxide tank should be completed with:

  1. Manholes, one at the top of the tank and one on shell side. Top manhole is used for inspecting tank condition during operation. Manhole on the shell is used when the hydrogen peroxide tank will be opened for regular clean up.
  2. A level indicator or level gauge.
  3. A flame arrester on vent line, which is equipped with a screen (filter) on the vent nozzle.
  4. A temperature indicator or temperature gauge.
  5. A demineralised water feeding line into the tank. It is used for dilution of concentrated hydrogen peroxide and for safety, when a big decomposition occurs.
  6. Tank shading. This is to avoid excessive heating by sunshine during daytime (summer season).
  7. A spray water (industrial water) facility, to keep the tank temperature at a certain temperature. It is usually installed at the top of the tank.
  8. Mixing air feeding line. If you plan to decrease hydrogen peroxide concentration you should prepare this facility for mixing hydrogen peroxide and demineralised water you add.
  9. A feeder for additional stabilizers.

You may add other facilities that you think important. Or if you think there is something left to consider, it is better to contact your hydrogen peroxide supplier.