Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Hydrogen Peroxide

Proper handling and storing of hydrogen peroxide are very essential in order to get optimum utilize of hydrogen peroxide.

MSDS of hydrogen peroxide describes in detail on all aspects associated with the best practices on basic information of hydrogen peroxide properties, how to handle safely, disposal procedure, emergency precaution, emergency procedure, spillage handling, proper material used as storage and handling equipment, storage design and appropriate personal protective equipments for handling hydrogen peroxide.

The MSDS can be printed out to make it available at anytime at your workplace to make sure you have known the very basic knowledge on hydrogen peroxide. And it can be also utilized as training material for your plant operators and technicians who always contact with hydrogen peroxide in the workplace.

Hydrogen Peroxide MSDS (PDF)

Hydrogen Peroxide MSDS 40-60% (PDF)